Why Choose a Insurance Broker

  Forrest-Power Insurance Brokers Direct Insurer
IndependentYesNo, Employees of Insurance Co.
Offer Products for more than one Insurance Co.YesNo, only offer their products.
Record your conversationsNoYes, could be used against you in a claim dispute.
Call Center EnvironmentNoYes
Assist with Objective, Impartial advice on a ClaimYesNo
Intervine on your behalf on claims or problemsYesNo
Shop on your behalf for alternative competitive pricesYesNo
House calls & visit Business OwnersYesNo
Can call or visit our office to discuss your policyYesNo

Brokers are licensed skilled professionals & regulated by RIBO. We are independent and have contracts with many insurance companies. We are not employees of the insurance companies. Direct insurers do not deal with brokers. All staff are employees of the insurance company. You speak to someone different every time you call. Is their loyalty to you or to their employer?